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Sean Deely Woods (aka Hypnotoad, sdw)

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.etoyoc.com/
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Tcler since 1996.

Site Chair for the 15th Annual Tcl Conference in Virginia (aka the 2008 Tcl Conference).

Right now I'm working ... well see Hypnotoads Todo List.

Hypnotoad? Well I got the name after my (in)famous Hypnotoad presentation at the Thirteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference.

Nerd Creds

  • I brought the serial port to the Macintosh in Tcl 8.0/8.1 with my Odie extension.
  • Developer for Tclhttpd
  • Wrote my own object system Tao
  • Ran a 300 (+/-) person network for the Franklin Institute Science Museum[3] for about 10 years
  • Works for T&E Solutions designing military grade simulations using Tcl/Tk and C
  • Currently porting Canvas3d to 8.6

There is no secret Tcl Illuminati