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ActiveState Corp., Vancouver, BC, Canada http://www.ActiveState.com/ announced on Feb 26, 2001 that "Tcl finds a home" [1]. Excerpts:

ActiveState, the leader in open source programming languages, announced today the addition of Tcl to the languages they support. In addition to providing supported versions of Tcl, core Tcl consulting and Tcl development tools, ActiveState will also soon be hosting the primary Tcl community website. ... As part of this initiative, prominent Tcl developer, Jeff Hobbs, has joined ActiveState as the Tcl technical lead. Jeff is the maintainer of the Tk Usage FAQ and is a program committee member for the USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference. Previously Jeff was with Scriptics, where he was the Tcl ambassador, responsible for liaising with the Tcl community and managing development of the Tcl core.

"I'm keen to continue working full time on Tcl development," said Jeff Hobbs, Senior Developer, ActiveState. "This is great news for the Tcl community since ActiveState can devote significant resources to Tcl development."

ActiveState "productizes" several bundles for Tcl developers:

The aforementioned Komodo IDE is a Mozilla-based IDE. An open source Komodo Editor versions is also available based on the same architecture.

The relationships between the various products listed above are as explained below:

  • TclPro is the open source collection of development tools created by Scriptics/Ajuba Solutions. The term 'TclPro' is trademarked. The trademark is held by Interwoven, due to their buy-out of Scriptics/Ajuba.
  • Tcl Dev Kit is based on the TclPro tools, which stopped development at v1.4. We fixed bugs, added more UI's, and added new functionality. It is not named TclPro because of the trademark issue mentioned above, and ActiveState not holding said trademark. This version is not open-source, as we do not wish to support competing products based on TclPro with our work (yes, unfortunately we did see that occur). The current release is 3.1, which includes significant new functionality and more tools and features not available in the open source version.
  • ActiveTcl Pro Studio is a bundle of Tcl Dev Kit, Komodo and a subscription to ActiveState's ASPN (ActiveState Programmers Network).

ActiveState is hosting the Tcl Developer Xchange. The main URL used to be tcl.activestate.com but now is http://www.tcl.tk/ .

Additional information:

  • CL supplied background on ActiveState in articles on a Perl plugin ([2] and [3]) and ...
  • ActiveState hosts a collection of nightly CVS head checkouts for Tcl, Tk and various extensions at ftp://ftp.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/nightly-cvs/ . This is being done as a community courtesy and should not be treated as a community right. In some cases, the cvs head snapshot is not the latest set of source files for the extension - in a few cases, the extension moved from cvs to subversion. In other cases, the cvs head may not even build (perhaps, for instance, the developer is working on new features, etc.) Locate the project's home page to ascertain the currency of the code and the location of the authority version.