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2018-02-16 Warning: the person that updated this page stopped doing this more as ten years ago. Sometimes people update the page, but it really is not a page any-more that does justice to the usage of Tcl.

EMJ 2018-02-16 : How can you say this? Have you looked at the page history (and that of Companies That Use Tcl which was combined with this page)??

CecilWesterhof 2018-02-16: From the newsgroup:
> Also the page of companies using Tcl seem to reference old applications

Well, this is true because the person(s) who used to update that page
stopped doing so over 10 years ago.

So I thought it a good idea to warn people about this.

If someone knows a lot about the usage of Tcl and is willing: maybe this person could become the torch-bearer?

SEH This page is frequently updated with new entries. Like every other page, it is community-edited. Updaters have prioritized adding new links over removing old ones. If some of the links are old, it is because that is an inherent issue with a wiki that has been around for 20 years. If you think old links are a problem, it is wiki-wide. The wiki remains a valuable resource nonetheless.

Who Uses Tcl is a list of notable projects, products, organizations that use Tcl Many of the links are to other pages on this wiki that describe the variety of "mission-critical", "enterprise-class", or other ways that Tcl is being employed.

Open-Source Software  edit

AOLserver, NaviServer
C-implemented, multi-threaded web-servers, extensible in C and Tcl
Open-source solid modeling system
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography. A Tcl scripting API is provided ot users.
CFD General Notation System. A general, portable, and extensible standard for the storage and retrieval of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis data. It consists of a collection of conventions, and free and open software implementing those conventions. Provides a Tcl wrapper to C API, plus a Tcl/Tk data viewer and file editor.
Common Open Research Emulator
a tool for emulating networks on one or more computers
camera control
a learning management system based on OpenACS
provides for the dynamic modification of a user's environment via modulefiles
network management information system
network simulator
a framework for building community based web sites
a general cognitive architecture
irc bot on irc.hardchats.com #flashsupport

Proprietary Software  edit

HyperMesh and other products expose a Tcl scripting interface to users.
Amazon Paint
by ifxsoftware
a computational chemistry environment employing hybrid QM/MM calculations
Code Composer Studio
an IDE that supports TI's Microntroller and Embedded Processors portfolio
requirements management and system engineering tool
A manufacturing information system
Infopark CMS Fiona
A content management system
provides Animator, a general finite element post-processor. Embeds Tcl interpreters in its products for scripting.
Vivado Design Suite
An IP-centric and system-centric, next-generation development environment. A Tcl scripting API is provided to users.

Large Entities  edit

produces of programmable logic devices
the US television broadcasting company
Eurocontrol Maastricht UAC
The Controller Working Position Subsbstem of UAC, the air traffic control centre responsible for the Euopean backbone air traffic over Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Northern Germany
A10 Networks
A network appliance hardware company. Their products are customized with the aFlex scripting language, an extension of Tcl.
Altair Engineering
Cisco Systems
Tcl is embedded in IOS
Quartus II FPGA/CPLD Design software embeds and uses Tcl. A free web edition is available here
BAE Systems, Business Systems Group (BSG)
uses GIPSY
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Boeing Satellite Systems
Cadence Design Systems
Cisco Systems
The user interface for most of Cisco's products is a customized Tcl interpreter
Concept Engineering GmbH
Provides schematic generation and viewing technology for EDA tool manufacturers, in-house CAD tool developers, and semiconductor companies
Daimler Chrysler
uses Tcl to perform functional tests of automotive components
F5 Networks
Tcl is at the heart of F5's products
Fermi National Laboratories
solutions for the aerospace and defense markets
Fox Sports
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
HP (Gmbh)
The Websphere Control Program scripting is done in Tcl
Uses Tcl to script data transformations in their data replication and integration products.
International Space Station
Tcl has been used to enhance the ability to control the station from the Mission Control Center, remote control of experiment boxes by scientists, and to hack around hardware malfunctions.
JM scripts its packet generator with Tcl
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Joint European Torus Project (JET)
L3 Communications, Titan Group
The LIGO Laboratory
Mentor Graphics
Motorola, Swindon Labs
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Instruments
Northrop Grumman
Oracle Enterprise Manager scripts are written in Tcl
Provides scientific analysis software for the petroleum industry. Uses Tcl for scripting and plugin development.
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
software for product development
In 2012, Tcl is taking a more prominent role at SAP
The GUI for Teamcenter Requirements (previously SLATE, was (is?) written in Tk
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Michigan State University
uses Tcl/Tk for test applications
SIEMENS Austria, Space Business
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
See this for recent observations about the advantages of Tcl over node.js
Software AG
[Texas Instruments]
"At TiVo the main public domain tool we use is the Tcl scripting language. TiVo developed a proprietary extension to Tcl for manipulating the database and media file system on the TCD."
[TNL/PCS Telemar/0i]
TRIUMF National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Canada
US Department of Defense
maintains the "Xilinx Tcl Store" for extensions to Vivado Design Suite

Medium-Sized Entities  edit

producers of Cradle Requirements Management and Systems Enfineering software
Their product ACEMD molecular dynamics modeler uses Tcl for configuration, scripting and building extensions.
cloud computing, developer solutions

Alkit: The user interface of the high-quality audio-video conferencing tool Confero is built in Tcl/Tk. EF

amitego engineering GmbH, official sponsor of EuroTcl 2015 is specialized with their solutions VISULOX to manage and control the access of privileged users to IT environments and the data.This access is made transparent and documented with the recording of the user’s interaction into a film.
Apropos Technology
Makes interaction routing software. Tcl is used for scripting IVR, email, and web chat scripts.
Simulation Software
Since the early 1970's their flagship product the Analyze Software System has been a world leader in the cutting edge design and implementation of computer-based techniques for the display and analysis of multidimensional biomedical images. The interface is built with Tcl/Tk.

Microcontroller manufacturer
Bayes Forecast
Belgian Graphic Interface
Botik Technologies
Bright Computing
uses the Environment Modules package in its Bright Cluster Manager.
Boulder Real Time Technologies: their product Antelope is a software package for real-time seismic network data acquisition and processing, with roots in the academic seismology community. Uses Tcl extensively for wrapping C libraries, scripting and GUI.
is a leader in computational fluid dynamics software. Their flagship product, Phoenics, makes use of Tcl for scripting and for formatting of input data with the visual utility PRELUDE.

Corepoint Health (formerly, NeoTool)
Credit Guard
advanced payment solutions

Decent Espresso
Deutsche Boerse Systems
Electric Cloud
Maker of the HomeMatic line of home automation devices. Uses Tcl for scripting of device functions, via a loadable library module that exposes the device programming API to the Tcl script level.
Electrotechnical Institute, Poland
The Foundry
Digital compositing application Nuke uses Tcl for scripting and plugin development.
Four Js
Co-develops Informix 4GL-based business application tools with IBM. Uses Tcl for XML processing and code generation in application compilation process.
Company: infor
provides Cloverleaf Integration Suite, a proprietary healthcare integration and information exchange system.
Surpac Minex Group Pty
has been acquired by GemcomSoftware
iDirect Inc.
Uses Tcl in its embedded software development tools; including cpuGen, which uses Tcl to define a high-level model of a processor, from which simulation and description files are derived.
Professional graphics software for SGIs, Linux, and OS X. Scriptable in Tcl.
Uses Tcl/Tk GUI for their Diffpack numerical modeling product.
Flagship product AC3D is used by designers for modeling 3D graphics for games and simulations. Uses Tcl for plugins, uses Tk for GUI.
Night Peace is a service for users who need supervision or additional care and security in their homes. Client and most backend server are in Tcl. EF
La Rochelle Innovation
industrial computing solutions
Uses Tcl in the power plant simulator.

Email marketing software. Their ListManager product uses Tclhttpd to drive its web interface, and it uses a custom Tcl shell for scripting control of its features.
Uses Tcl for scripting of their Innovator family of process modeling products.
Massive Software
developer of software and hardware for EEG, ERPs, Source Localization and Functional Neuro-imaging. Uses Tcl for batch processing in their flagship product.
Newport Corporation
NexGen Communications
Pinebush Technologies
Placemark Investments
Pointwise Inc.
port GmbH
Powercorp Australia
Used for SCADA systems for Wind/Diesel/Remote Power Generation. Soon to be acquired by ABB
integrated application delivery / load balancing and application & network security solutions. They provide an extended Tcl interpreter called AppShape++ for customizing their products with user-defined scripts.
Rogue Wave Software
TotalView debugger purpose-built for multicore and parallel computing. Uses Tcl/Tk for GUI and CLI scripting.
Rostrvm Solutions
Runtime Design Automation
uses Tcl/Tk for GUI and script customization in its main products:

  • LicenseMonitor - Monitor Software License Utilization
  • NetworkComputer - High Performance Job Scheduler
  • FlowTracer - Design Flow Development & Management

Safe Software
Uses Tcl for scripting of their format conversion products for geospatial data.

Scientific Volume Imaging: Huygens Software
Tcl scripting of their chip design and testing products.
Side Effects Software
Network design, modeling and testing software. Uses Tcl for high-level scripting and event callbacks.
Using Tcl as front-end GUI layer for LibSourcey projects.
Communications and network testing software and devices. Their test software ships with Tcl APIs and their GUI test generator can render tests as Tcl scripts.
Software for generation of lifelike 3D environments. Uses Tcl for configuration and scripting of their flagship tool TerraTools.
The Tolis Group
Used for scripting their CADFix product for batch processing of CAD files.

Small Entities  edit

according to Setok, the site is programmed in Tcl
COMPANY: Accurev, Inc.
software development lifecycle solution
Baldwin Linguas
tony baldwin, Translation agency, creating FOSS tools for the translation industry.
Search powered by tcl backend data manipulation on keywords analytics and big data crunching, a search project developed by BCZ.com
Career Demon
Elmicron GmbH
Barcode integration company. Member: HaO
Etherstack plc
Test software development
Code by Kevin
Farmers Wife
professional management software for media professionals
Resource scheduling and project management software
Medical Numerics
Product MEDx medical image processor uses Tcl/Tk for scripting and GUI.

uses Tcl as GUI generator for his main software: Kadviser. NIMTOTH Kadviser is a Business Workshop for Knowledge Based Engineering to design Expert systems applications in CAD.
Products include workflow, E-commcerce, ERP solutions, all written using Tcl
Radical Dynamic
Tcl/Tk provides the basis for a suite of analytical tools for Financial Markets and Intelligent Trading
Tcl is used for configuring firewall appliances via xmlrpc.
ZP Engineering
uses Tcl/Tk for test applications, using various connections methods to the target under test (LAN, parallel port, serial, USB, PCI). We think it's the best way to interact with hardware during debug sessions.
Clevertim CRM
uses Tcl for their offline/onsite app.

Tcl Consulting  edit

Fishpool Creations
Well House Consultants
Mistachkin Systems

Defunct Entities  edit

had a product called ServO (Service Optimizer) which used Tcl/Tk and TclBlend and Java.
Electronic Data Systems
an e-learning slideshow tool featuring Tcl scripting and apparently based on java. Appears it may be a university project.
this might be an obsolete reference
Now part of Cisco. Web based management interface.
Open Market
One of the first ecommerce companies. The Open Market Server was one of the first commercially available web servers, used Tcl extensively.
Raptor Systems
Multi-platform firewalls with a Tcl/Tk GUI, now part of Symantec Corp.
An interesting history, even thought the entity is defunct
SiteScape, Inc.
Acquired by Novell
[SoftAplic S/C]
StoryServer templates were defined in Tcl

See Also  edit

Who uses Tcl and Tk?
the widespread misperception that Tcl is a 'toy' language

Discussion  edit

The page, Companies That Use Tcl was folded into this page on 2013-03-08. There may be useful information in the history of that page.

Several years ago, at a time before Tcl was well-known as a "mission-critical"-grade product, CL maintained Cameron Laird's personal notes on commercial aspects of Tcl. There's still useful information there, but also a lot of dead links. The Developers Exchange front page [1] used to point to several interesting industrial uses of Tcl.

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