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The Tcl Programming Language is a comprehensive guide to Tcl, covering Tcl 8.6.

See the official book page for more information and a detailed Table of Contents.

The ebook version (PDF format) is available from Gumroad.

The print version is available from Amazon in USA/Canada and their European sites including UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. If you like the book, positive reviews on Amazon are appreciated.

Support edit

Please send any errors or other comments about the book to apnmbx-wits at yahoo.

Errata edit

Section, bottom of page 97, in the code example
    regexp {(?ic)RE} STRING

should be
    regexp {(?in)RE} STRING

Thanks to Saurabh G. for his careful reading! Executable scripts on Windows
    C:\temp>ftype TclApp=C:\Tcl\bin\tclsh.exe

should be
    C:\temp>ftype TclApp=C:\Tcl\bin\tclsh.exe "%1" %*

Section 6.4, bottom of page 162, the syntax description of dict for should be

Thanks to Gregor E.

Section, top of page 601, the syntax block for foreach,
    1) "foreach" should be instead of "allrows" (in RESULTSET, STATEMENT, DBCONN lines)
    2) STATEMENT line should be ended as "... ?--? VAR ?DICT? SCRIPT"
    3) DBCONN line should be ended as "... ?--? VAR SQL ?DICT? SCRIPT"

Thanks to Alex P. for reporting.

Discussion edit

JJM - 2017-07-25 - Got the book in the mail, looks really great. Nice job.

arjen - 2017-07-06 19:35:22

Congratulations! It is a welcome addition to the Tcl library and a voluminous one at that :)

bll 2017-7-6 Looks very comprehensive. Looking forward to reading it.

ALX 2017-07-09 17:45 Year! First! :-) "Well, thanks for your prompt purchase! You are the very first buyer of my book! /Ashok"

RLH: Will there be a book/ebook bundle? APN No bundle because of the different distribution channels. But you might be able to make use of the discounted price as noted above. RLH Got them both. Reading through the book now. :)

MHo This book is simply overwhelming!

JOB - 2017-11-14 22:15:55

Congratulations as well! I quickly went through the TOC which looks really promising. Good to see that all those extensions and functionality recently added to the core like coroutines, TclOO, threads, database connectivity, etc. are all covered by the book. APN Thanks, and that was indeed one of the primary motivations behind writing the book.

SYStems did anyone buy the ebook via gumroad, I googled gumroad and the reviews are really bad.

APN When you say reviews, I presume you mean Gumroad and not the book :-) I'm surprised you saw so many negative reviews of gumroad because I chose it based on the positive reviews I'd seen. (Also because they take care of EU VAT without my having to individually file.) I think most negative reviews of gumroad are from the seller's perspective (which would be me), not the buyer's. Personally, I have had no issues with selling through them. About a hundred e-book copies have downloaded so far and have not heard of any complaints from buyers.

SYStems yes 100% I meant gumroad, not the book :)

DPG This book is great! I got the physical version because I'm just physical like that ;) This book has a good Index, which is important to physical book people. APN Thanks, appreciated. However, such comments on the book's Amazon page would be appreciated even more, hint, hint :-) DPG Done! APN Great! Thank you.

SYStems Can you please make available an epub version of the ebook. APN Unfortunately not. I did try producing both epub and mobi formats originally but did not find the results acceptable the way tables and figures were displayed. It just leaves a bad impression about the book.