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Information about printed resources relating either to teaching or using Tcl. While FAQs are not appropriate for this page, references to books available only in electronic format are appropriate here. Add comments at the end if there is some discussion regarding whether something should be considered a book.

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Description  edit

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List  edit

  1. [BOOK Advanced Asic Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys Design Compiler Physical Compiler and Primetime]
  2. BOOK Automatisieren in Theorie und Industrie: LabVIEW, Matlab und TCL/TK in Anwendung (German Edition)
  3. BOOK BEEP: The Definitive Guide
  4. BOOK Beginning Linux Programming
  5. BOOK Bots and Other Internet Beasties Book/CD Package
  6. [BOOK BSD Sockets Programming from a Multi-Language Perspective]
  7. BOOK Building Network Management Tools With Tcl/Tk
  8. BOOK CGI Bible
  9. BOOK CGI Developer's Resource - Web Programming in Tcl and Perl
  10. BOOK CGI Programming with Tcl
  11. BOOK Computer Vision and Image Processing
  12. BOOK Cookbook for Serving the Internet - UNIX Version, 1/e
  13. BOOK Database Backed Web Sites
  14. BOOK Effective Tcl - Writing Better Programs in Tcl and Tk
  15. BOOK Essential Open Source Toolset: Programming with Eclipse, JUnit, CVS, Bugzilla, Ant, Tcl/Tk and More
  16. BOOK Exploring Expect
  17. BOOK Exploring Oracle
  18. [BOOK Game Scripting Mastery]
  19. BOOK Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk
  20. BOOK Hacking TiVO: The Expansion, Enhancement and Development Starter Kit
  21. [BOOK Handbook of Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications]
  22. BOOK Handbook of Programming Languages: Little Languages and Tools
  23. BOOK How to Manage Your Network Using SNMP
  24. BOOK incr Tcl from the Ground Up
  25. BOOK: Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms
  26. BOOK Interactive Web Applications With Tcl/Tk
  27. BOOK Java 2 Platform Unleashed
  28. BOOK Learn Tcl/Tk in 24 Hours
  29. BOOK LINUX Companion
  30. BOOK Linux Configuration and Installation, Second Edition
  31. BOOK Linux Programming
  32. BOOK Linux Unleashed
  33. BOOK Linux: The Complete Reference
  34. BOOK Managing IMAP
  35. BOOK Mastering Regular Expressions
  36. BOOK MH and xmh
  37. BOOK Mobile Agents - Explanations and Example
  38. [BOOK Modeling Sensorineural Hearing Loss]
  39. [BOOK Network Troubleshooting Tools]
  40. BOOK Obfuscated C and Other Mysteries
  41. BOOK Oracle and Open Source
  42. [BOOK PHP and Postgresql Advanced Web Programming]
  43. [BOOK Postgresql]
  44. BOOK Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, Fourth edition [1]
  45. BOOK Professional Java Fundamentals
  46. BOOK Program Phases, A Programming Language and API Translator
  47. BOOK Programacion en Tcl/Tk
  48. BOOK Programming Linux Games
  49. BOOK Programming the SIMPL Way
  50. BOOK RedHat Linux Unleashed Book/CD Package
  51. [BOOK Reliable Distributed Systems: Technologies, Web Services, And Applications]
  52. BOOK Running LINUX
  53. [BOOK Scaling Oracle8I: Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures]
  54. [BOOK Scripting languages: Perl, Python, MUMPS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, VBScript, AWK, COMMAND.COM, Sed, Bash, AutoLISP, Tcl, Shell script, QuakeC]
  55. [BOOK Sensors Handbook]
  56. BOOK SGML CD, 1/e
  57. BOOK Software Testing Techniques
  58. [BOOK Spin Model Checker]
  59. BOOK Spoken Dialogue Technology: Towards the Conversational User Interface
  60. BOOK Tcl 8.5 Network Programming
  61. BOOK Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
  62. BOOK Tcl and the Tk Toolkit (2nd Edition)
  63. BOOK Tcl/Tk Programação Linux
  64. BOOK Tcl and Tk Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  65. [BOOK Tcl and Tk Reference Card]
  66. BOOK Tcl and Tk Reference Manual
  67. BOOK Tcl Reference Card
  68. BOOK Tcl Tk 8 Programming Cookbook
  69. BOOK Tcl Tk Workshop Proceedings
  70. BOOK TCL/TK Apprentissage et reference
  71. BOOK: Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide
  72. BOOK Tcl/Tk for Dummies
  73. BOOK Tcl/Tk For Programmers
  74. BOOK Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers
  75. BOOK Tcl/Tk in a Nutshell
  76. BOOK Tcl/Tk Multimedia Cyber Classroom
  77. BOOK TCL/TK Pocket Reference
  78. BOOK Tcl/Tk Programmer's Reference
  79. BOOK Tcl/Tk Tools
  80. BOOK Tcl/Tk Unleashed
  81. BOOK Tcl Scripting for Cisco IOS (Networking Technology)
  82. BOOK Teach Yourself Tcl/Tk in 24 Hours
  83. BOOK The Complete TCL/TK Training Course With CDROM
  84. BOOK The Pattern Recognition Basis of Artificial Intelligence
  85. BOOK The Practice of Programming
  86. BOOK The Tcl Programming Language
  87. BOOK The Visual TCL Handbook, 1/e
  88. BOOK The Visualization Toolkit
  89. BOOK The World of Scripting Languages
  90. [BOOK The X Resource: Issue 11]
  91. [BOOK The X Resource: Issue 14]
  92. BOOK TiVo Hacks
  93. [BOOK Tk Reference Card]
  94. BOOK Total SNMP
  95. BOOK Tricks of the Java Programming Gurus
  96. BOOK Understanding OSF DCE 1.1 For AIX and OS/2
  97. BOOK UNIX Power Tools, Second edition
  98. BOOK UNIX Programming Tools
  99. BOOK UNIX Test Tools and Benchmarks
  100. Young Programmers Project [2] teaches Tcl quite well.
  101. BOOK Web Development with TCL/TK 8.1
  102. BOOK Web TCL Complete
  103. BOOK X User Tools

Online Books

  1. BOOK A Cookbook for the Tool Command Language (Tcl) and the Tk Toolkit - (2016-08-14 Defunct)
  2. BOOK Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
  3. BOOK Tcl for Web Nerds
  4. BOOK Sourceforge Tcl Snippets - (2016-08-14 Defunct)
  5. BOOK ActiveState Tcl Cookbook
  6. BOOK Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
  7. BOOK Tclwise
  8. BOOK Programming:Tcl

Non-existent Books

  1. BOOK Best of The Tcl'ers Wiki

These books may not have any direct relationship to Tcl, but are books worth writing about.

  1. BOOK About Face
  2. BOOK: Mastering Perl/Tk
  3. BOOK: Applied Cryptography
  4. BOOK: Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms
  5. BOOK Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Obtaining  edit

The major book sellers on line, such as Amazon.com], Barnes & Noble, etc. sell the above titles that are in print. Other smaller sites carry many of these and offer significant discounts. Sites like [3]], and its parent, ebay often have links to used book dealers, auctioning resources, etc. which also can be sources for books.

VL 2003-06-14: I might mention http://www.addall.com/used/ here, searching many used bookstores online, then there is the different associations for used books dealers, depending on your location and interest there are many many more to mention.''

Just a reminder that you might find local public or university libraries carrying some of the above as well.

Discussion  edit

US: The two best Tcl/Tk books I have are Tcl und Tk, a german edition of Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, by John Ousterhout and Effective Tcl/Tk Programming by Mark Harrison and Michael McLennan. Although the first is terribly outdated (it describes Tcl 7.x and Tk 4.x) it was the one that initially attracted me to Tcl and Tk. I'd really wish, John O. would write a new edition on Tcl/Tk 8.4 or 8.5. It's a great book for beginners. IMHO still one of the best books to start with.

Breadcrust: I have Effective Tcl/Tk Programming myself, and it isnt a bad book, but it focuses too much on Tk but not so much on Tcl, and always uses the author's style of programming in Tcl, instead of suggesting different ways on doing things. But apart from that it isnt bad