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What: VUW widgets
Where: http://tktable.sf.net/
ftp://ftp.ucolick.org/pub/src/UCODB/VUmeters.tar.Z (broken link)
ftp://ftp.ucolick.org/pub/src/UCOSYB/vu_tk41.gz (broken link)
ftp://ftphost.comp.vuw.ac.nz/pub/languages/tcl/vuw-widgets-1.1.tar.gz (broken link)
ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/tcl/local/misc/vuw_meters_widgets.tar.gz (broken link)
Description: Tk bargraph, dial, pie, strip chart widgets written by some folk in Australia. Steve ported the widgets to Tcl/Tk 3.6. The code was been inherited by De Clark who has ported them to Tk 4.[12]. The contact indicates that the code should work with Tk 8.
A one time port of the bargraph, dial, panedwinodw, pie, spinbox widgets to Tk 8.x Windows/Unix was made by Jeffrey Hobbs, as well as includes stripchart, barchart, and sticker, written by others. Jeff Hobbes' version of these widgets, called vu, is found on the tktable site. It has formally been released as vu version 2.1.0 .
Updated: 09/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Steve Hocking)
mailto:[email protected] (De Clarke)
mailto:jeff at hobbs.org

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