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''dgw package'' - snit widgets and widget adaptors for standard Tk widgets and the tablelist widget.


   * Author: [Detlef Groth]
* Homepage: https://github.com/mittelmark/DGTcl - project for the dgw package
* Download: (complete [dgw package] via downgit) https://downgit.github.io/#/home?url=https://github.com/mittelmark/DGTcl/tree/master/lib/dgw
* Homepage: https://github.com/mittelmark/DGTcl - project page for the dgw package
* Download: (complete [dgw-package] via downgit) https://downgit.github.io/#/home?url=https://github.com/mittelmark/DGTcl/tree/master/lib/dgw
* Manual: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/mittelmark/DGTcl/blob/master/lib/dgw/dgw.html * Version: 0.6 * License: MIT **DESCRIPTION**
The dgw::dgw / [dgw package] is just a wrapper package to load all the dgw widgets with one package call. The following packages are loaded via the package require dgw::dgw call.
The dgw::dgw / [dgw-package] is just a wrapper package to load all the dgw widgets with one package call. The following packages are loaded via the package require dgw::dgw call.
1. your numbered item * dgw::basegui - framework to build up Tk application, contains as well a few standalone widgets which can be used inside existing Tk applications: 1. autoscroll - add scrollbars to Tk widgets which appear only when needed. 2. balloon - add tooltips to Tk widgets 3. cballoon - add tooltips to canvas tags 4. center - center toplevel widgets 1. console - embedded Tcl console for debugging 1. dlabel - label widget with dynamic fontsize fitting the widget size 1. labentry - composite widget of label and entry 1. notebook - ttk::notebook with interactive tab management faciltities 1. rotext - read only text widget 1. splash - splash window with image and message faciltites 1. timer - simple timer to measure execution times 1. treeview - ttk::treeview widget with sorting facilities * dgw::combobox - ttk::combobox with added dropdown list and filtering * dgw::sbuttonbar - buttonbar with round image buttons and text labels * dgw::seditor - extended text editor widget with toolbar and syntax hilighting * dgw::sfinddialog - find and search dialog for instance for text widgets * dgw::statusbar - statusbar widget with label for text messages and ttk::progressbar * dgw::tvmixins - treeview widget adaptors usable as mixins for the ttk::treeview widget. * dgw::txmixins - text widget adaptors usable as mixins for the tk::text widget. The following widgets must be loaded separately using package dgw::widgetname as they depend on other non-standard packages such as tablelist::tablelist, tdbc::sqlite3 or dgtools::shistory * dgw::hyperhelp - help system with hypertext facilitites and table of contents outline (requires dgtools package) * dgw::sfilebrowser - snit file browser widget (requires tablelist package) * dgw::sqlview - SQLite database browser widget (requires tdbc::sqlite3 package) * dgw::tablelist - tablelist widget with a few icons and implemention of icon changes if tree nodes are opened (requires tablelist package) * dgw::tlistbox - listbox widget based on tablelist with wrap facilities for multiline text and filtering (requires tablelist package) **DISCUSSION** Please discuss here. <<categories>> GUI | Object Orientation | Snit Widgets | Snit | Design | Discussion