Company: Science-D-Visions


Science-D-Visions is a German company based in Dortmund which develops technologies for digital media industry (mainly special effects in movies).

Its major software (3D-Equalizer) embeds scripting capabilities thanks to Tcl. This adds more flexibility to 3D-Equalizer. Details can be found in the tech articles page:


Step-by-step Introduction for creating survey data from reference frames
Daniel Schaffer, 2006-01-15, mentions the role that Tcl plays
How 3DE was used at Weta Digital for the creation f over 2200 VFX shots in King Kong
Denis Trutanic ,2006


   A TCL script enabled the export of 2D tracking data to Shake. 2D tracking
   curves can also be exported in ASCII format, in order to import them e.g.
   into Nuke (a TCL 3D camera path export to Nuke is also available). Due to
   3DE's TCL scripting capability it's possible to create custom export filters
   for 2D curves as well as 3D camera paths for almost every software.  That's
   why other departments could benefit from Equalizer's very precise 2D tracks
   as well. I also used the auto tracker to create point clouds for terrain