Current TCL interest is to interact with modern systems like RabbitMQ, HashiCorp Vault or Sentry.

Maintained some UNIX scripts in TCL (vhosts editor, mysql and www backup, certificates monitoring).

Can help about Eggdrop, as I maintain [L1 ], a scripts distribution used by IRC bots on Libera helping open source and free culture communities.

Once upon a time, I wrote here TCL was one of my three favorite languages, with PHP and C#. Nowadays, I mostly use Rust, Python and PHP.

Legacy TCL scripts and projects:

  • SajaxTCL, port of Sajax AJAX library
  • Pluton Scaffolding, a script to generate PHP code from a MySQL table (1)
  • Cirth, a web application to manage and track folders (I've ported Sajax for that) (2)

(1) It's in progress and I search a short name for the final version, ideas are welcome. Fully functional alpha code can be see at Well I'm updating it to build models and views (edit form/list items/view item) so I'm adding arguments parsing (scaffold <table> class clef prefix is already complicated, no way to add template before implementing a getopt alternative) (2) A french demo can be found at