Electric Cloud, Inc.

John Ousterhout's latest company. http://www.electric-cloud.com/ See http://www.mayfield.com/our_companies/search.asp?searchwords=electric+cloud&thesector=0 for a brief mention of the company. (In brief: "electric cloud Enterprise-class infrastructure for the software build/release process").

The Mayfield search URL has a bad param.

Apparently, the URLs at Mayfield cannot be reused - as the above URL came from their web site after doing a search, and the same thing happened with the URL posted in news:comp.lang.tcl .

Maybe their webserver only allows the search to happen if the referring page is served from their own website..?

LV On Nov 30, I received an email about this web seminar:

 Date: Thursday, Dec 2, 2004
 Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT 
 Register: http://click.sd.email-publisher.com/maacUPdabb6SFchcYUGb/

The topic is social user interfaces. After the interview however, Intuit talks about Electric Cloud's products, and John Ousterhout will be descriving how cluster computing can be used to improve the software development process.

CGM See Joel Spolsky's comment on this at http://www.joelonsoftware.com/ - Electric Cloud was founded by John Ousterhout, who happens to be the creator of the language tcl (motto: "And you thought lisp had weird quoting semantics"), :-/

LV If I weren't so old, I'd probably remember who else had made similar comments comparing negatively Tcl's quoting rules to LISP's rules.