GSoC Idea: Tcl - Create a package that allows a Tcl application to invoke Microsoft SharePoint functionality

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Project Description

Microsoft SharePoint is Microsoft's collaboration framework. It provides forums, wikis, document management, interfacing with external data sources, interactivity with Microsoft Office, forms management, etc.

It would be useful to have a package developed that would allow a Tcl developer - on any platform - to invoke functions to obtain information from SharePoint lists, to add entries to the lists, to obtain or update documents from the document libraries, etc. This would allow the developer to provide batch support for generating reports, publishing papers, etc.



This can probably already be done via Garuda (which allows Tcl to use any .NET Framework class via Eagle). -- JJM

DKF: But there's also value in a package that allows sharepoint to be accessed without the additional weight of a .NET runtime, provided this is reasonably practical in technical terms. (For example, if its interface is really SOAP or REST with some funky auth scheme, that ought to be possible to do with just Tcl plus very well established extensions.)

JJM: I think SharePoint is written in C# and relies upon the .NET Framework already.