George Howlett


George A. Howlett is the author of the BLT package.

Michael McLennan referred to him as "a programming god" while presenting a paper on data objects at the 2001 edition of the Tcl Conferences.

George Peter Staplin 2007 For various reasons some people on the TCT consider Howlett "difficult." I however do not. He was at one point a Tcl Core Team member. He didn't seem to always agree with others, and why should he? They didn't seem to respect his ideas, but that could have just been from past experience -- I don't know. Howlett ended up unsubscribing from the Tcl core list.

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Personally I am in awe of George Howlett's contribution to Tcl/Tk - I would probably never persevered with Tcl/Tk if I hadn't discovered his BLT package; it has got me out of many holes and made my programming life so much simpler. I often use his source code as a reference, because it is beautifully written and shows a complete mastery of the C programming library. BLT is a work of genius. And I am beginning to see George Peter Staplin's efforts in the same light.