Juan-Carlos Gil

My e-mail address is mailto:[email protected] .


I'm a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. My field is Statistical Mechanics, particularly computer simulation of complex fluids (charged liquids, polyelectrolytes, DNA ...). That translates to number-crunching, numerical methods, optimization and high performance computing in the computer world. I've used from VAXen to parallel supercomputers (Cray T3D).

I work for COMPANY: GMV, an aerospace Spanish company. We develop from spacecraft on-board software to satellite control centres. My assets here are real-time processing, mission critical systems and distributed systems.

In the last years we have been pushing our clients to use Tcl in the solutions we provide, strategy which has proved extremely successfull. Several of our products use Tcl/Tk in one form or another [L1 ] [L2 ] [L3 ] [L4 ] .

Current projects