SourceForge bug-reporting interface

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Donald Porter created a simpler interface vectored through . As he explains it, "Now when someone asks 'What do you think of Tcl Bug 461000 ?', you can load that page, select Tcl, enter '461000', and be looking at the report."

[Should we provide a command-line version? Slightly different question: is it true that this Sourceforge page is not useful to lynx? The form appears to be without a SUBMIT INPUT, and depends on graphical browser key-bindings--yuck.]

Alphatk provides a menu to let you jump quickly to any sourceforge project or bug report. All that's really needed is to put together the correct url. For example:

    proc sf::viewBugNumber {{proj ""} {bug ""}} {
        if {$bug == ""} { set bug [getline "View [sf::project $proj] project bug#"] }
        if {$bug == ""} { return }
        set group [lindex [sf::projectInfo $proj] 3]
        set http ""
        append http "?func=detail&aid=${bug}&group_id=${group}&atid=1${group}"
        url::execute $http

is the proc used in Alphatk, which anyone should be able to modify quite easily to work in any tcl/tk app.

Model resolved URL:

An url easier to use is

This special url auto-redirects to an url of the type shown in the last section. It relies on the fact that bug ids are unique across all of SF, i.e. all the other ids are not needed to locate a bug, they are just red tape.