Tcl Developer Guide

This Tcl Developer Guide is for those writing programs in Tcl


Embedding vs. Extending
Extending Tcl is generally recommending over embedding Tcl.
extension developer guide
How to embed Tcl in C applications
package developer guide

The Art of Tcl

Best Practices
Tcl Style Guide
Tcl style discussion
Design patterns in Tcl
Tips for writing quality software
Software creation with Tcl/Tk
An overview of the process of creating a program.
A critical mindset about policy
Guidelines for writing big Tcl applications
A critical mindset about policy
A discussion about what belongs in the scripting language, and what belongs in the lower-level implementation

See Also

Are there any recommendations or requirements regarding what order code appears in a Tcl program
Developing Tcl with Batteries Included
What other kinds of changes will a developer have to make when moving from Tcl 8.4 to 8.5?
Developing for a Single Platform
test-driven development
How to change a running system
Meta Programming


Determining the Application's Root Directory
Determining whether the script is the main script of the program
Techniques for reading and writing application configuration files

Issue Tracking

See Issue Tracking.


How to Write Quality Documentation

Source Code Management

See source code management

Foreign Interfaces

How to invoke a C function from Tcl
How do I use the Tcl C API?

Embedding Tcl

How to embed Tcl in C applications


See deployment.


Category Dev. Tools
GUI Building Tools
a toolbox for assembling private collections of Tcl and C code
integrated development environment
Source Documentation Tools
The Simple Development Library
Tcl ICE Library. SEH says, "This combined with The Simple Development Library may add up to one of the most sophisticated development toolsets currently available for scripting/coding anywhere."
Tcl Editors