Tcl Syntax help (Portuguese-PT)

05jun04 jcw - This is a strong plea to NOT create so many pages in Portuguese here. The wiki is a large, collaboratively created, book. Mixing multiple languages so all pages are thrown together as one is going to lead to a huge mix where no-one can find anything useful anymore. The proper solution is to create a separate wiki in Portuguese and to point to it from this wiki in a number of key pages.

RS: Also consider that with very much work you can create a translation of the Wiki to Portuguese (which some users will surely appreciate). But such translated pages create a branch from the English original - one will get updated or the other, but very probably not both in synch. So please let's stick to the English "trunk". I think a page with comparably static content (like the Endekalogue - man Tcl) is ok for non-English languages, and maybe a tutorial, but duplicating everything is a bad idea (and then some will want Russian pages, Chinese, or whatever...)

Propósito: Colecção de referências pa uma lista de comandos TCL (nem sempre a mais completa ou oficial página de ajuda, mas sempre com notas adicionais e links para artigos relacionados). E também vê Tk syntax help (Portuguese-PT). Eu espero que gente vá adicionar codigo a estas páginas mostrando Boas Práticas com regardo ao uso destes comandos TCL e TK. Além destes, vê também Official library of extensions para a sintaxe das extensões pacotadas juntamente com a fonte, e BNF for Tcl para contexto abstracto. Vê também Common Tcl Error Messages and Possible Explanations.

O seguinte é um indíce alfabético dos comandos a nivel scriptíco em Tcl.

There are also a number of special Magic names variables in the core Tcl interpreter. Here is an index to these:

There are also a number of special shell environment variables which can influence Tcl behavior. These include:

For a nice printed quick reference guide to Tcl and Tk, see [L1 ] for the original and see [L2 ] for a community member's update. "Static syntax analysis" is a related topic.