Tcl at conferences, workshops, training classes, etc.

Purpose: to provide a page where people who plan to present papers, tutorials, classes, etc. on Tcl (or who learn of such talks) can provide pointers so that others who may have an interest can attend.

These should be open to the public in the sense that they do not have a closed membership. Listing of college/university courses are welcome here, as are talks being presented at any type of professional conference.

Specific Events - be certain to specify a month, day and year in some order so we know when they are over.

Karl Lehenbauer, “Tcl: The Tool Command Language – LISP for the Masses” [L1 ]

Zoom talk for the Houston Functional Programming User Group.

October 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CDT

See the wiki page about Tcl conferences to learn about the current and upcoming Tcl conferences and workshops that are frequently held.

The 12th annual Tcl conference was held in October, 2005. See Twelfth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference for details.

The Dutch Tcl Users Group convenes on 15 December 2004 near Rotterdam, see Dutch Tcl Users Group for details.

Fosdem [L2 ] 2005, februari 26 & 27 in Brusseles. As it appears one of the biggest if not the biggest Open Source Software event in europe.

Tcl at past conferences, workshops, training classes, etc.

Generally Available Resources

Script India provides on-site training classes for aspirants of the TCL/TK within India. Please contact mailto:[email protected] for further details. Script India is maintained by software geeks at Bangalore, India.

Avia Training and Consulting provides various public training classes covering Tcl related topics. For more information on the various classes offered, the locations for the classes, etc. see . Avia also offers onsite private training. Prior to founding Avia, Ken Jones was lead instructor at Ajuba Solutions.

Well House Consultants runs public Tcl and Tk courses three times a year [L3 ] at their Melksham, Wiltshire, England training Centre, and also private course on site throughout the UK and Ireland. Courses written and presented by Graham Ellis

Noumena Corporation offers Tcl/Tk training sessions for beginning and advanced users. These sessions are delivered by Clif Flynt, author of Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers. Visit the Noumena home page at for more details about the training courses, source code from Clif's ;login: articles and other Tcl/Tk resources.

Linup Front GmbH ( ), the company I work for, provides Tcl/Tk training at all levels in Germany. - Anselm Lingnau

Ceintec provides on-site TCL/TK training classes for beginners within Spain, Visit the Ceintec home page at for more info. or for bussines training services - David M.

See for details of several Tcl related classes being conducted by Cadence Design Systems.