Tcl-URL! - 1998/09/28

by Cameron Laird - 'DejaNews:'' [L1 ]

Who'll adopt Tix? The alternative seems to be that we stumble forward, saying, "Yes, it's an orphan" a multiple times each week.

  • Project E.L.M.O. is a group effort to bring the comp.lang.tcl base FAQs up to date (see [L2 ])
  • Sebastian Wagner describes his year-old patch which accelerates some canvas animations by an order of magnitude (see [L3 ])
  • John Stump makes profiling easy (see [L4 ])
  • Eric Boudaillier compactly illustrates a programmatic way to ignore mouse clicks (see [L5 ])
  • Alexandre Ferrieux advises renunciation of the hard problem of mixing event sources in favor of the easier one of serializing them (see [L6 ]) and categorizes schemes to eliminate a spawned child (see [L7 ])
  • Sebastian Wangnick integrates remarks from Jan Nijtmans, Bryan Oakley, and Andreas Kupries in a canvas-rendering patch (see [L8 ])
  • Tony Darugar concisely compares the leading Tcl-savvy HTTP servers (see [L9 ]) and Clif Flynt does much the same for the debuggers (see [L10 ])
  • 8.0.3 turns out to introduce several bugs. While work continues behind the scenes to catalogue these compre- hensively, Juergen Schoenwaelder, for example, accurately summarizes a subtle one involving Tcl_CreateChannelHandler (see [L11 ])
  • Tom Silva patches {check,radio}buttons with bit masks, and more (see [L12 ])

The audiophiles continue to roll out ideas. Look for their "Sound Playback in Tcl/Tk!", among other threads. Dennis LaBelle's FreeWrap is inspiring remarkable fer- ment, with several people already working behind the scenes to extend/enhance/... it.

Coming up: complete renovation of Watch for it, by early October. Also, work is underway to catalogue all the work-in-progress (as opposed to more-or- less-finished extensions, demonstrations, applications, ...) of the Tcl community.