Tcl-URL! - 1999/01/25

by Mark Roseman - 'DejaNews:'' [L1 ]

A fairly quiet week on comp.lang.tcl in terms of announcements, just a lot of excellent Q&A. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to respond to questions there. Just a few short notes this week along with the regular resource list.

  • If you're in the position of needing it, some good ammo in the "help me justify using Tcl to my boss" thread (thread [L2 ])
  • De Clarke describes how tying widgets to variables can make it appear that "unset" fails with no warning, an annoying problem to debug if you're not looking for it (thread [L3 ])
  • Steve Ball has released an alpha version of Swish, an XML editor from Zveno (see [L4 ])
  • A query for a tab notebook widget generates a couple of responses (thread [L5 ])
  • Finally, in case you missed it earlier, be sure to get started on your submissions for the Tcl/2K conference

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