Tcl-URL! - 1999/04/19

by Matt Newman - 'DejaNews:'' [L1 ]

This is my first week on the Tcl-URL! team so bear with me as I explore better ways summarizing the activity on c.l.t.

  • Nice example of tcLex use: (see [L2 ])
  • If you don't like Tcl's syntax and/or semantics, it usually takes only a few lines to change them. (see [L3 ])
  • Wise counsel on programming a parallel port: (see [L4 ])
  • Example of how to save a snapshot of a window: (see [L5 ])
  • Impassioned discussions of Scriptics and the Tcl Community as we collectively figure out how to all work more productively together. (Starts off as a discussion of threads and Tcl) (see [L6 ])
  • Have a look at the thread named "RFC: TkGS: the Tk Graphics Subsystem". It tries to address device-independent graphics operations from Tk (eg. transparent access to displays and printers). (see [L7 ])
  • Building self contained Tcl executables: (see [L8 ])
  • Discussion of the practical limits of Tcl/Tk (digresses a bit): (see [L9 ])
  • Interesting digression on different styles of licensing: (see [L10 ])
  • Utilizing threads in Tcl8.1b3 - beware those critical sections! (see [L11 ])
  • Performing HTTP authorization: (see [L12 ])