Tcl-URL! - 1999/08/24

by Matt Newman - 'DejaNews:'' [L1 ]

With the O'Reilly Tcl/Tk Conference over the last few days and the release of Tcl 8.2.0 things have been relatively quite, mostly bug reports. The initial impressions are the this release of Tcl is quite stable, and I would encourage those of you that have been holding off on upgrading from Tcl 8.0 to check out 8.2.

  • LAST Call for Papers : Tcl2K Conference (deadline Sep 1 99) (see [L2 ])
  • Tcl/Tk 8.2 Final Release (and follow-up discussions) (thread [L3 ])
  • Discussion on formulating a standard cross-platform Drag and Drop capability in Tk (thread [L4 ])
  • Several techniques for handling internal objects (thread [L5 ])
  • HOWTO on using the new (8.2) Stacked channel features
  • Discussion of which extensions are available, and know to work with Tcl/Tk 8.2 (thread [L6 ])
  • Native printing support for text and canvas widgets on Windows (see [L7 ])
  • An impressive pure Tcl version of md5, and subsequent discussion about various techniques for improving speed (thread [L8 ])
  • Get ready for the 7th USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference, Feb. 14-18, 2000, in Austin, Texas