Troubleshooting fossil logins

APN I had problems with logging into using fossil. I could login into using the browser as well as fossil but neither would work with The passwords for the two repos are supposed to be synchronized but somehow had gotten out of sync. Following the instructions in the email below from aku fixed my problem. Saving here for future reference and for the benefit of others.

Ok. From the chat you can log into Tcl, but not into Tk ... You should have the same account and password on both.

The system stores login stuff in a cookie.

So, lets try the following

  1. Log out of Tcl and Tk
  2. Check the cookie store of your browser and get rid of any remaining for
  3. Log into Tcl
  4. Check if you are now logged into Tk as well. Or if you can now log into Tk too. If that does not work ... Tcl and Tk should be linked in the background re your account.
  5. As you are logged into Tcl per (4) follow the logout link and change the password on that page. (Make it an actual change)
  6. Check if you now can log into Tk using the new password. I.e. the repo linkage should have propagated everything and maybe that has reset whatever got stuck in Tk. If it worked, change your password back and see if that it works for both again.