Wave player for formulas from BWise and Maxima on Windows XP

TV ´´(Jan 16 ´08)´´

I´ve started a windows XP (Tested on XP-pro) version of Creating wave formulas with BWise to make a windows XP program for sounding the wave(s) resulting from rendering a formula made from BWise blocks and/or from Maxima formal formulas, see the non-windows page for more explanations and links.

´´´NOTE´´´ This setup requires you to have installed: cygwin with working C and Fortran compiler, Maxima (in some place you can find), Tcl/Tk of course (It appears there has been introduced a backward incompatibility in the canvas saving from BWise from 8.4 to 8.5) and preferably a recent BWise (e.g. Latest BWise).

The formula pretty-printing is absent at the moment, it could work though when you install latex (can be done with auto-installer from www.cygnus.com) but I didn´t try to built it in in the windows version. I make use of the maxima executable somewhere in the the distribution, so you´ll have to find yours and adapt the sources accordingly, and cygwin must work using

  exec bash -c "gcc --version"

I included the probably sufficient Portaudio library source files, the path to them must be changed in procmathxp1.tcl (see below). The start1.tcl file indicates the order in which all files should be read. The buttons Make and Run create the result in mult11.out on the canvas and run the compiler, respectively. The math.exe result can be double clicked if you have a soundcard to hear 5 seconds of the wave being live generated. Unlike the Linux (Jack) version, there is no Midi or polyphony.

This example uses another graph with a little more formula processing to make an Fm wave with exponential decay sounding from the first working test program for 5 seconds:

Image Bwise scr1.gif

The various files appear here: http://www.theover.org/Bwise/Wavexp