Where can I store my nifty new Tcl program so others can get it

Purpose: Outline for people new to the community what resources are available for sharing their Tcl related code, documentation, etc.

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escargo 05/05/05 - If you keep application source code on this site, you can use wiki-reaper, wish-reaper, or even XotclIDE to extract the source code and copy it to your local system.

Add additional references as you find them.

RS: The easiest way is of course to create a page here, and paste the program there :)

LV: Of course, that's mentioned above. However, some programs are larger than is really appropriate for the wiki; in particular, if programs have various pieces that need compiled, libraries to build, etc. or if the developer wishes to have bugs, new features, etc. tracked, etc. then one of the project management sites is better.

escargo: I have had problems where sample code uses the source command for pieces that are also on the wiki. Wiki pages also sometimes have added fragments of code as part of commentary to the original code, or even multiple versions of some procedures. Using wish-reaper a lot has made me appreciate using the if 0 { trick for making the reaped code ignore parts that get in the way.

LV I tend to think of the wiki as a place that's appropriate for a quickly dashed off program. However, if code is something that is ready to be used by others, there are various options. One of perhaps the most convenient, if the code is purely script based, is the tcllib series of modules. For non-graphical extensions/packages, tcllib is a potential way of not only storing the code in a project oriented cvs, but also the means for distributing the code (along with a number of other useful modules). For more graphical extensions/packages, the tklib module is a possibility. Finally, for applications, tclapps is a possibility.

Note that there are a few relatively minor restrictions/requirements, but it should be relatively easy to have code added.

If, however, there are licensing issues, or the user would rather do the work his/herself, that's fine as well. One can post announcements to comp.lang.tcl.announce and have discussions on comp.lang.tcl, or provide web forums or mailing lists for discussions if they would prefer.

KWJ: Could anyone suggest a place where we could store graphic images for pages that we've written? Also, what would be the best format for those images?

LV: What kind of pages? Pages for this wiki? Or do you mean your own web pages?

KWJ: This wiki. For instance https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/14096

Lars H: Ideally they should be kept within the wiki itself, and I think there already are provisions for this in place, see Adding images to local mode wikis. The catch is that one cannot over the Web submit pictures in any way near the same way as one submits text. Perhaps there could be a page with a form for submitting pictures? (One enters the page number and current URL of the picture, then it goes to a moderator, and upon his/her approval the link on the page is changed to point to the picture in the wiki.)

LV Would it be possible to get a sourceforge account and store them there?

SDW Gee, and I just run my own ISP out of my basement for that purpose.

tonybaldwin Stardate 68038.9 I have my wiki ( http://wiki.tonybaldwin.info ) on a little server in my office, but I keep all of my code publicly available on github ( https://github.com/tonybaldwin ).

Since SourceForge has been acquired by Dice, it now has so-called bundled installers, meaning that additional adware is included in the binary installers for your stuff -- some of it unwelcome, such as plug-ins for your browser. The site does not make it easy for the average human to distinguish what they should click to avoid the additional crap. The GIMP maintainers, for example, have removed their stuff from SourceForge in protest. Duoas 2014-01-14 0415 Z

tonybaldwin Stardate 68038.9 I'm surprised nobody's thought to mention https://github.com I have a few tcl scripts up there, https://github.com/tonybaldwin