wubwikit bundles together Wub and wikit


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After google announced it would shutdown google code, the repositories were moved to:

Wub server
Wiki application on top of Wub

Google code

Code was hosted on google code:

the most recent release of wubwikit
a download/install script for wub
wiki database for offline use
has "wubwikit.kit" that is all the pieces in one file. Unfortunately, as of 2013-04, wbuwikit.kit is not up-to-date
wikit repository
wub repository


RZ: To build a standalone wubwikit using kbs get kbs.tcl and run:

./kbs.tcl -r install wubwikit

[Fill in details about WubWikit, in particular, where to get the application, the differences between wubwikit and the traditional wikit, etc.]

MHo 2014-06-12, another try:

D:\home\Hoffmann\Downloads>tclsh kbs.tcl -r install wubwikit
=== Package eval: wubwikit
=== Require wubwikit
=== Require kbskit8.6 wub wikitcl tdbc tcllib1.15 sqlite3.7.15.1
=== Require eval: kbskit8.6
=== Require kbskit8.6
=== Require kbskit0.4 sdx.kit
=== Require eval: kbskit0.4
=== Source Cvs kbskit0.4
=== Require error: kbskit0.4
missing sources of package 'kbskit0.4'
=== Require error: kbskit0.4
Require failed for: kbskit0.4
Error in execution of 'install wubwikit':
=== Package failed for: kbskit0.4
Require failed for: kbskit0.4

Can someone be so kind to explain the process a little further, or point to an existing wubwikit.kit (Startkit) or wubwikit.exe (Starpack)?


WikiDbImage question.png

  • Does Anyone know how to deal with "templates" (a working example would be great)?

Within WubWikit? It's not really designed for that ... no way to specify a place to get the stuff to substitute into a wikit page. Wub has Mason domains which function like tclhttpd templates.

  • Could not find out how to specify a user defined "docroot" outside the source-tree for customization (with my own css, jQuery, etc...).

Configuration file, under Wub section, docroot element.

  • The "port" command line argument doesn't work as expected, value in the Listener section is not overwritten ?

This is a problem that needs to be reported under http://code.google.com/p/wub/issues/list with a more precise problem description.

  • Is there a possibility to run wikit under apache (cgi mechanism) ?

Wikit should (may) still run under Apache. WubWikit won't. Don't know any more.

Some room for improvement:

The possibility to upload images to the database is really handy and works quite well. It eliminates the need to specify a full qualified url and thus makes it really easy, to "carry around" wikiwub locally on different computers (running on different OSs).

There's just one more thing:

  • When performing a search, text and (database) images are treated the same way, which messes up the "last modification" page. Maybe this behavior could be improved a bit (search only text / search only for WikiDbImages).



  • With the old wiki(t.kit), it was very simple to grab a copy of the starkit, define some simple cgi-wrapper and drive this through Tclhttpd. I suppose the new WubWikit only works with Wub - as the name says ;-) So, WubWikit never runs as a standalone CGI-process, is it right?

MHo: Will there be binaries available sometimes in the future?

LV: Anyone have a recipe for bringing up and running this latest generation of the wikit? Anyone created a starkit with the necessary code in it?

  • Is a downloadable copy of the wiki pages theirselves available, such as wikit.gz??

LV: If you mean a downloadable copy of the wiki pages, I don't think this is available yet. If you mean a downloadable copy of the executing code, see CMcC's comments. [This comment is obsolete now - a compressed copy of the page file is now available - wiki database for offline use ] MHo Yes I mean a copy of the database with the wiki-pages, e.g. to make it offline available or to keep a backup for restauration in case of vandalism...

CMcC: there's an interesting problem here: the wiki db is currently 95Mb, and clearly it would be a bad thing to allow too-frequent downloads (that's part of what brought the old wiki down - some clown doing multiple uncontrolled downloads - denial of service.) I'm trying to work out what a good policy might be to balance the utility of providing the download while bounding the cost.

Here are some policy questions to which I have no good answers:

  • What if everyone on the wiki wanted a daily db backup? That's about 90Gb/day, won't work. What about hourly?
  • What if we put a limit on the number of downloads per day? How do we stop one of the daily (hourly?) backup crowd from grabbing one of the slots without requiring login?
  • Should we require actual login for db downloads?
  • Could/should we require everyone who downloads the db provide it for others to further download? How would we do that? -- Lars H: This is exactly the kind of problem BitTorrent aims to solve, is it not?
  • How often should a given user be permitted to download a copy of the db? If they are doing it frequently, they're wasting enormous amounts of bandwidth.
  • Should there be some kind of db delta download? Like RSS like history: give me all the pages which have changed since <some date>

LV: The primary issue here is a limited resource - your bandwidth. So why not upload the data, compressed, to google, and let people download it from there. That way, the bandwidth issue is no longer yours - you upload to google once every N period (whatever you can afford) and let people get it from google. As for what the db delta - I don't have a need for that, a simple compressed .tkd file is all I need.

jcw 2007-06-30: The quick solution is to simply delegate: get one or more mirrors in place with a reasonably recent copy (I'd vote for daily). Then you don't have to deal with it. As for delta's: rsync is very effective for this type of data (either via ssh or as rsync server). If you want to go fancier, check out wikit's "-update" command (written before the history got added to the db, btw).

KJN 2007-11-23: I would occasionally download a copy of the database if I was going somewhere without fast internet access - it was very useful to have this facility. A daily, or even weekly, database dump to Google would be much appreciated. Page histories could be omitted. BitTorrent would also be a good solution.

jdc 7-dec-2007: I created a SourceForge project to download the wiki db: wiki database for offline use

RZ 11-dec-2008: Great work so far. But when I try to use wubwikit with my own *.tkd files I have on the left side the wikit categories. Is there a way to use my own ones? Is it OK to use the commandline argument "cmdport -1" to supress starting of the maintenance socket? This is needed to run more then one instance of the program.

jdc 11-dec-2008: You can edit the TOC file in directory docroot.

RZ Yes I can. ut then I end with a separate wubwikit.kit for each use case :( May be we can use some special pages. I remember from the old wikit the reserved first nine pages.

jdc 12-dec-2008: Can you try to use argument toc file:your_toc_file .

RZ 18-dec-2008: Sorry for the delay. I tried it with your suggestion. So far it works in the Tk mode (standalone). In the web server mode it is not working so far. If I find some time I will investigate further:) But thanks for your effort.

LV: Over on comp.lang.tcl, some details about this version of the wiki are being discussed. In particularly, there are particular URLs which cause specialty functionality to occur.

  • a URL of the form https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/<PageNumber>.code returns all code blocks on the page. Code blocks are displayed separated by ### <code_block id=$blockid> ############################################################ tags. A code block is just one or more lines starting with a space or blocks delimited by ====== lines.





gobvip 2010-07-19 How to open debug message in wubwikit?

Debug.wikit {"debug message"}   ;# I want this command print something. How it works?

JOB 2011-03-30: Script to start wubwikit.

Note: We now do have a "config" command line option.

Here is the start script:


# Script to start wubwikit...
# Purpose:
#    In the hope, to bring some light in the mystery of wub-configuration.
#    March, 2011, Johann Oberdorfer
#    -- enjoy! --

# Wub's info page: https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/20412
# requirements:
#   - minimum tcl version is 8.6
#   - a platform dependent kit version including sqlite3 and tdbc packages
#   - source *.vfs tree (CVS checkout or similar) + binary including sqlite3 and tbc
#     for windows ActiveTcl offers a convinient way (installer)
# wikiwub configuration:
#   - 

PREFIX=`dirname \$0`

case ${THIS_PLATFORM} in
        # ActiveTcl installation:


# WIKIT_DB=${PREFIX}/db/wikit-20110307.tkd

# create a new database / local / configuration file:
# ${TCLKIT_EXE} ${WUB_WIKIT} mkdb     ${WIKIT_DB} title "My WikiWub"
# ${TCLKIT_EXE} ${WUB_WIKIT} mklocal  ${PREFIX}/wub_local.tcl
# ${TCLKIT_EXE} ${WUB_WIKIT} mkconfig ${PREFIX}/wub_config.tcl

# Start the http server...
# ------------------------
# see main.tcl for additional configuration...
# set TMP=.\tmp

echo "------------------------------------"
echo "Open URL: httpd://localhost:8090 ..."
echo "------------------------------------"

# Note:
#   when specifying a port as argument,
#   make shure, the Listener section in the wub_config.tcl file
#   is configured with the the same value - some kind of missbehavior in the current version ?!

    local ${PREFIX}/wub_local.tcl \
    config ${PREFIX}/wub_config.tcl \
    wikidb ${WIKIT_DB} \
    port 8090
    #?????? docroot ${PREFIX}/my_docroot

WikiDbImage question.png

JOB 2013-10-24:

  • I upgraded to the most recent wbuwikit20120502.zip code.
  • Since this release, sqlite FTS is used, which requires a few more tables on the database.

The question now is: how do I migrate the database(-file) ?

MHo 2014-06-12: Just grabbed the latest available wubwikit.kit and started it just specifying wikidb xyz. The following errors appear on the html page:

Server Error: no such table: pages_content
no such table: pages_content
Error Code 'NONE'

no such table: pages_content
    while executing
"::oo::Obj73::db eval {SELECT * FROM pages_content WHERE id = :pid} ::oo::Obj102::-resultArray {::namespace inscope ::oo::Obj102 {my RecordResult}}"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within

xyz was a newly created db. Is there something to be done to fill in the initial pages etc.?

MHo 2014-06-13: Sorry, I overlooked mkdb, mklocal, mkconfig and the like. Now I fight against

The Wiki is currently in Maintenance Mode

No new edits can be accepted at the moment.

Reason: no such table: pages_content_fts

By looking at the sourcecode or showing help I found that I need to call wikidb xyz mkfts 1 in addition. ok.

JOB 2014-11-15:

mkfts command executes the following statements on the database:

DROP TABLE pages_content_fts;
CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE pages_content_fts USING fts4(id,name,content);
INSERT INTO pages_content_fts SELECT a.id, a.name, b.content FROM pages a, pages_content b WHERE a.id = b.id;

JOB - 2014-11-18

wubwikit with FTS support:


Running ActiveTcl on Mac OSX 10.9.5 with the following versions installed:

  • Versions used: Tcl/Tk 8.6.2
  • sqlite3: 3.8.6 / tdbc 1.0.0
  • wubwikit: 2012-05-02

Using teacup to install dependencies such as:

sudo teacup install sqlite3
sudo teacup install tdbc
sudo teacup install tdbc::sqlite3

is not sufficient, as it installs the default sqlite3 library without FTS support!

So, Sqlite3 needs to be compiled to have FTS support enabled. Downloading the source and re-compilation is required:


Now, we can execute wish to launch wubwikit with an already existing database file.

  • Make sure to execute the command, which creates the required tables for FTS only once (which is commented out in the shell script down below).
  • Also make sure to have a FTS enabled sqlite3 binary in your auto_path (which by default, is ""not"" the case), as already mentioned.


  • In WikitWub.tcl all occurrences of -readonly 1 arguments need to be changed to: -readonly 0 as readonly -1 is not implemented in the tdbc::sqlite3 source code so far.
tdbc::sqlite3::connection create db $dbfnm -readonly 0
#! /bin/sh

# create missing tables for sqlite FTS search ability:
# $TCLKIT_EXE $WUB_WIKIT wikidb $WIKIT_DB mkfts 1

$TCLKIT_EXE $WUB_WIKIT local ./wub_local.tcl config ./wub_config.tcl wikidb $WIKIT_DB

That's all for the moment.