This is a pure-Tcl replacement for Tcl-DP. It was originally developed by Steve Wahl, as part of the Eolas Spynergy Toolkit.

dp_RPC.tcl is released under the BSD license, so reuse/modify it freely, as long as the original copyright notice is included.

To incorporate it into your own application, all you have to do is source the single http://www.eolas.net/tcl/spynergy/rpc/dp_RPC.tcl file, and then start using the commands.

The command documentation can be viewed at http://www.eolas.net/tcl/spynergy/rpc/

For archived copies see: [L1 ][L2 ]

Here is an example. The server side:

 # server.tcl
 source dp_RPC.tcl
 set foo ""
 proc hello { } {
   return "Hello world!"
 dp_MakeRPCServer 5454
 vwait foo

And the client side:

 # client.tcl
 source dp_RPC.tcl
 set sock [dp_MakeRPCClient localhost 5454]
 puts stdout [dp_RPC $sock hello]
 dp_CloseRPC $sock

Other example client and server applications can be seen at rpc-DB.

Gerald W. Lester

For another pure Tcl implementation of TclDp, see DpTcl at http://members.cox.net/gerald.lester/DpTcl.tar.gz