Version 6 of 3D Minesweep

Updated 2006-05-11 16:00:32 by LV

The initial release of my version of the Classic minesweeper game.

It is available from [L1 ], via [L2 ].

Unfortunately I only have Tclogl binaries for win/linux. If anyone who can help out generating workable binaries for other platforms I would like to host them on my site.


  • Real 3D playing field using Tclogl
  • Sound effects.
  • Animations.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty (hard to impossible).
  • Embedded mp3/ogg player.
  • Animation engine.


This is part of my as yet unreleased 3D software showcase [L3 ].

Feedback LV May 11, 2006: when I attempt to download this package for windows via a starkit, I get a server error telling me that autokit.cgi was not found.

  1. Patch 1, fix for directory names containing spaces!
  2. Sound is choppy on WinXP 2.4Ghz machine. Machine can freeze/pause when using textures.

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