Version 4 of ActiveState Style for Tk

Updated 2004-03-15 15:21:31

SS 15Mar2004: In a tclcore ML thread about a better default Tk look&feel for Unix systems, Jeff Hobbs sent an interesting file with a style for Tk (see ). Since Jeff states in the email that the code can be considered Tcl-licensed, it may be more comfortable for potential users to put it in some accessible place. For now you can download it from this link:

PT 15-Mar-2004: You can compare screenshots of tkchat with this style and a gtklook.tcl style here [L1 ]. I have committed a new version of tkchat that will try and use the as::style package if it can find it. The user can set a preference via then Preferences->Options dialog that will be used on the next re-start.

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