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Ada is a computer language developed originally for DOD contracts. It has rather a lot of features.

During early development, the language was called Green. It is now named after Augusta Ada King[L1 ], Countess Lovelace, (it is most definitely not an acronym) who was AIUI a female mathematician in the 19th century. She was a daughter of the mathematician Annabella Milbanke, Baroness Wenthworth, and George Gordon, Lord Byron, (the poet, who Ada never met) and was a collaborator of Charles Babbage; her work on his Analytical Engine (? - not the Difference Engine but the successor machine) has made her generally accepted as being the world's first computer programmer.


GNAT is one of the major Ada implementations. It's available in in GCC and from AdaCore. Note that there is different licensing on the different version; this is best described in the Debian Ada policy: .

In short:

  • GNAT part of GCC: GPL version 3 with GCC Runtime Library Exception
  • GNAT AUX, GNAT for BSDs, from DragonLace.Net
  • GNAT GPL from AdaCore: GPL
  • GNAT PRO from AdaCore: GNAT-Modified GPL (Not cost free)

TASH - TclAdaShell

Latest release: 2011-09-25 263.2 kB
License: GPL with "Linking Exception" (Confirmed by Simon Wright)

Old pages: TCL ADA SHELL An Ada binding to Tcl/Tk (8.4.1) 30-Jan-2003 : Tcl and Ada:

Visual Ada Developer

Visual Ada Developer (a Tcl/Tk oriented Ada-95 GUI builder): The GPLed VAD [L2 ] Leonid Dulman updated in mid-2006 includes a "Tcl script generator", and appears to be compatible with both 8.5 and 8.6. His Ada Developer Studio also interfaces to Qt, which has a very slender Tcl connection.