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Updated 2007-08-17 12:28:47 by suchenwi

Richard Suchenwirth 2007-08-17 - Looking at Tcl modules, I wanted to know how to produce such a sourceable module file which contains both Tcl scripts and one DLL (and thus does more than the Tcl module creation script). Here is my take:

 #!/usr/bin/env tclsh
 set usage {
    usage: make_tm outfilename ?tclfile...? ?dllfile initfunc?
    Creates a Tcl module file 'outfilename' from the specified tclfiles
    and/or maximally one DLL.
 if {[llength $argv] == 0} {puts stderr $usage; exit 1}

 proc main argv {
    set outf [open [lindex $argv 0] w]
    foreach a [lrange $argv 1 end] {
        switch -- [file extension $a] {
            .tcl {
                puts $outf "\#-- from $a"
                set f [open $a]
                fcopy $f $outf
                close $f
            .dll {
                set f [open $a]
                fconfigure $f    -translation binary
                puts $outf "\#-- from $a"
                puts $outf "set tmp \[open \$env(TMP)/[file tail $a] w\]"
                puts $outf {
                    set f [open [info script]]
                    fconfigure $f -translation binary
                    set data [read $f][close $f]
                    set ctrlz [string first \u001A $data]
                    fconfigure $tmp -translation binary
                    puts -nonewline $tmp [string range $data [incr ctrlz] end]
                    close $tmp
                puts $outf "load $::/[file tail $a] [lindex $argv end]"
                puts -nonewline $outf \u001A
                fconfigure $outf -translation binary
                fcopy $f $outf
                close $f
            default {error "cannot handle file $a"}
    close $outf

 main $argv

I tested this on Windows with Tcl 8.4.1 and

 /Tcl $ make_tm.tcl vecmath.tcl lib/reg1.1/tclreg11.dll registry

and it worked nicely, as far as I can tell - the registry command is usable after sourcing. One can even edit the resulting .tm file with emacs, without damage to the embedded DLL :^)

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