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Updated 1999-03-06 05:29:20

Editor: Mark Harrison

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This is a paperback with source code CD-ROM. The book covers the various Tcl extensions at a snapshot in time - i.e. Tcl 7.6. Extensions such as BLT, ET, Expect, GroupKit, incr Tcl, incr Tk, incr Widgets, MTtcl, Oratcl, Sybtcl, TCL-DP, TclX, Tix, TKReplay, Tree, TSIPP are covered.

Several other topics, such as info on configuration and debugging Tcl/Tk are also covered. Some of the sources, as well as binaries for Linux and Solaris platforms, appear on the CD-ROM. However, some of the code does not appear on the first edition of the CD-ROM. Watch the ftp location where the missing code will be made available.