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* Command Line Interface, definition 1: RS: A prompt at which you can enter a command, terminated by <Return>. Example: an interactive tclsh.

  • Command Line Interface, definition 2: LV When I refer to CLI, I mean a description of the arguments one types after a command name to invoke behavior. For example, the tclsh Command Line Interface is: tclsh ?fileName ?arg?? where one can optionally provide the fileName of a Tcl script, followed by one or more arguments for that script.
  • Microsoft generally uses CLI to mean "Common Language Interface", part of the .NET amalgam [explain] [also distinguish from CLR.].
  • ECMA uses CLI (also in the context of .NET) for Common Language Infrastructure [L1 ].
  • SQL/CLI is also the acronym for the standard SQL "Call-Level Interface", the best known implementation of which is ODBC.

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