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Updated 2001-10-20 11:00:44

NeoTool Development, LLC [L1 ] develops applications for the health-care industry. They focus on HL7 and Cloverleaf in networking ...

(... and Cloverleaf, for those wondering about the Tcl connection, uses Tcl extensively as an internal scripting language. It used to use Tk for its GUIs, but I think most of them have been rewritten in Java. Pity. --Bryan Oakley)

[What are HL7 and Cloverleaf?]

Cloverleaf is a product of Quovadx (which aquired, which was formerly known as HDIE, which aquired Healthcare Communications, the originator of the product). Cloverleaf is an "integration engine".

HL7 is a format for data interchange in the healthcare industry.

For the time being, some of this information may still be available at .

-- Bryan Oakley (who used to work for Healthcare Communications a few years ago doing their GUIs in tk...)