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Index of pages listing references to people - living or dead.

To get a list of pages describing people, click on the title above.

To add a page to this category, add a link to [Category Person] to the page.

Isn't there quite a bit redundancy in Category Person and Category Home Page? This is not Once and Only Once... [L1 ] [L2 ] It is, however, the consequence of an open community where various people decide on categories and add them.

I've no recollection on why someone decided to create which ever of the two came second of the above - probably because the other didn't seem relevant. If I were a betting person, I'd bet that Home Page was first, but someone came along and thought "oh, that page isn't my home page - these pages are really just a description of the person..."

Now, because the situation exists, we have what I think of as the PE syndrome, where if someone were to want to fix things, there is a fear, at least from people around the wiki for a while, of being flamed because they removed something from a page that someone else wanted.

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alexandra - 2010-08-13 16:55:36


i have a question to Schelte Bron's fsdialog.tcl. It's a very great alternate for the old fileselectiondialog ! But how can i set the flag for select only directory ?

Or must i use the ttk::chooseDirectory ?

I think ttk::getOpenFile looks like better...

I hope for help..

my tcl projekt is a mp3 player and multimedia system for car pc's

thank you