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Tcl-Programming Utilities

  • biotcl - some biological relevant snit types
  • dgtools::argvparse - command line parsing of the argv list in the spirit of Pythons argparse library
  • FisherTest - statistical test for categorical variables
  • memoize - package for caching of function calls, the cache can also loaded from and saved to a file
  • mkdoc::mkdoc write source code documentation for Tcl, Python, R and other programming languages in Markdown
  • recover - like the R recover[L1 ] function allows you to debug the code by placing the recover function into your code or rename recover to error
  • tclcairo - Tcl binding to the cairo library using swig
  • TemplateRecall - template engine where the programming logic remains in the tcl code
  • tsql4mk - Tiny SQL for Metakit databases (unsupported, we have SQLite!)

Crossplatform Widgets

Widgets for X-Windows

  • SnitMPlayer snit widget to embed the mplayer video/audio application
  • SnitXMupdf a snit widget which allows to embed the mupdf application and which provides an additional toolbar for easier usage of mupdf
  • SnitXSurf snit widget to embed the surf web browser into Tk applications see
  • SnitXUrxvt snit widget to embed one or multiple Urxvt Terminals into Tk applications
  • SnitXWindow a snit widget to embed any app into a Tk application, could be seen as a tk window manager on top of window manager

Chess Tools


See also: TixTclkit