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Updated 2002-01-16 20:42:12

Darren New wrote in the comp.lang.tcl newsgroup on 2002-01-16:

Something someone here said made me think of this. Talk about changing the syntax of a language...

 proc where {what} {
    set caller [info level -1]
    set body [info body $caller]
    set body [split $body \n]
    foreach line $body {
        if {-1 != [string first $what $line]} {
            # Or do more complicated processing
            puts $line
    return -code return

 proc here {} {
    where zip
    zippidy doo dah
    zippidy ahy
    Oh my my what a wonderful day.
    zippy the pinhead says
    drink plenty of fluids


As where returns -code return, anything after it is not seen by the Tcl parser. Instead, where "eats" its caller's body and does with it what it pleases... Amazing food for thought. (RS)

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