Version 5 of Getting Started With Working On The Tcl/Tk Core

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The Tcl and Tk source repositories can be found at

The version control system used for these is Fossil.

The remainder of this page follows Fossil's generic Quickstart Guide , modified to suit Tcl/Tk development.


Prebuilt binaries for the major platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows, BSD) are available at Building it yourself is of course possible as well.

Getting Tcl and Tk Sources

Fossil works with repository files (a database with the project's complete history) and with checked-out local trees (the working directory you use to do your work). The workflow for Tcl and Tk looks like this:

First, clone the repository

fossil clone tcl.fossil
fossil pull -R tcl.fossil

fossil clone  tk.fossil
fossil pull  -R tk.fossil

We are using mirror1 because the repositories are large and is bandwidth-limited. To prevent fossil from remembering the wrong url for pushing we then follow this by pulls from the proper repository. This will also import all changes which were pushed while we were cloning around.

Make Ready For Work

Then create local checkouts to work with (using Tcl as example):

mkdir /somewhere/tcl
cd    /somewhere/tcl
fossil open /wherever/you/have/tcl.fossil

Now you have the most recent revision of Tcl's trunk (ex-CVS HEAD) in the directory. Hacking can commence.

Working In Branches

To fix issues in a specific branch, for example "core-8-5-branch", we have to create a local checkout which contains the sources of said branch. We can do this in two ways:

For one, create a new checkout and tell it the branch put into the checkout:

mkdir /somewhere/tcl-core-8-5-branch
cd    /somewhere/tcl-core-8-5-branch
fossil open /wherever/you/have/tcl.fossil core-8-5-branch

For two, reuse an existing checkout and switch it over to the desired branch

fossil update core-8-5-branch

The set of open branches can be discovered by invoking

fossil branch list

from within a checkout, or via

fossil branch list -R /wherever/you/have/tcl.fossil

if no checkout is available.

TODO: Staircase merge pattern for forward-porting

TODO: Cherry-picking pattern for back-porting

TODO: Guidelines for use of branches (vs direct commit to trunk, etc.).

Pushing Changes


More Information

For those which have worked on the core before, using CVS, please also see the Fossil vs CVS Commands.