Version 4 of Graylevel subsampling

Updated 2003-07-25 18:36:06

Richard Suchenwirth 2003-07-25 - The following code was instigated by kroc [L1 ]. It takes a graylevel photo image and produces a smaller one, by the specified factor, where the pixel values are averaged from the original image, instead of the simple "picking" that image copy -subsample does. Some mods by JH to improve performance.

 proc bin2gray {image subfactor} {
    set iota [lrange {- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9} 1 $subfactor]
    set h0 [image height $image]; set w0 [image width $image]
    set th [expr round(1.*$h0/$subfactor)]
    set tw [expr round(1.*$w0/$subfactor)]
    set res [image create photo -height $th -width $tw]
    for {set tx 0} {$tx<$tw} {incr tx} {
        set pix ""
        for {set ty 0} {$ty<$th} {incr ty} {
            set y [expr {$ty*$subfactor}]
            set sum 0
            foreach i $iota {
                   set x [expr {$tx*$subfactor}]
                foreach j $iota {
                    incr sum [lindex [$image get $x $y] 0]
                    incr x
                    if {$x>=$w0} break
                incr y
                if {$y>=$h0} break
            set g [expr {round(1.0*$sum/($subfactor*$subfactor))}]
            lappend pix [format #%02x%02x%02x $g $g $g]
        $res put $pix -to $tx 0
    return $res

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