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Imagine a language in which was so easy to write code that code flowed from a thousand keyboards, simply and correctly.

  • nobody would ever re-use code, they'd just write it again from scratch.
  • nobody would ever fix someone else's code, they'd just write another version with different bugs and more of the features they wanted.
  • nobody would ever have to worry about the architecture of underlying code, because nobody would ever have to interface with their code anyway.
  • there'd be little demand for repositories of code ... why bother? Except as templates for their personal rewrites, nobody ever need look at anothers' code.

You're smoking crack - davidw :-) Could you be more precise in your critique, please David? - CMcC

Imagine a language where it is so easy to roll your own OO system that you forget that code reuse was one of the key reasons you did it.

Is that what we've got ourselves in Tcl?

If so, Tcl is a victim of its own success.

This page is for qualities of Tcl which properly fall simultaneously into both Things holding Tcl back and Things pushing Tcl forward, because the interplay between those two categories is what will steer Tcl toward what it will become, or will cause it to stick in place. Sometimes one relies too heavily on that which one does best, to the detriment of other things.