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Updated 2006-05-19 11:30:02

JStrack is a freeware hurricane tracking program written entirely with Tcl/Tk.

Link: .

NOTE: JStrack's author has been diagnosed with cancer, and the JStrack site is offline until he can get his own Internet service again. This may be a while.

I said when I first wrote JStrack (even before I announced the idea to a few folks and asked for their opinions) that JStrack would always be free. This has not changed. HOWEVER.... Financial considerations at this time (bills I have no way of paying, total lack of income, etc.) require that I at least give people the chance to send donations, if they so desire.

I can be reached at [email protected] (will update info here if/when it changes) for further contact info.

Sorry folks, but the next release might be a lot further off than I'd hoped. Here's hoping everyone is using the latest "snapshot" release from the former site....

The Wayback Machine contains the following snapshot of JStack, in case anyone needs it: It's a 1.6MB download (unpacks to 15MB) though, so go easy on the WBM.

Thanks! --jdg Except, uhhh, it's a dead link. No JStrack. If anyone has the latest version, and wouldn't mind making it available, please put the link here. I have, in a storage locker I can't get to, an even more up-to-date version with some rather major updates from last hurricane season (if I remember correctly---combine the "fog" from chemotherapy and the anti-stress medication they've got me on and my memory isn't so great) and...if I haven't lost the locker and everything in it due to financial problems by then, I'll try to dig out the FreeBSD machine and make a new release with the *REAL* latest version.....

update: Here is a link for JSTrack I removed all the storm data to make the download smaller(~700k). The current timestamp files will not collect any old storm data, if you would like to retrieve old storm data, you can run "wish initial_timestamps.tcl" in the ftpfilt directory to reset them to Jims latest settings(Sep 2004 I think). In any case, I hope you are doing well Jim. You are in my prayers. Paul Stroud

Also, anyone interested in how I'm doing in the fight against cancer should look at my atspace page, which, as I type this, I'm working on setting up as a central point for distributing information to friends/family. The link is . Also check out my myspace page, at .

(Note to Wiki admins---please advise if you disapprove of this being on the Wiki...just e-mail me with the info. The lack of a response to this so far leads me to believe that there are no objections, but I'll still keep this here, just in case---I do NOT want to be seen as abusing/mis-using the site.)

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