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Updated 2006-08-16 18:04:00

JStrack is a freeware hurricane tracking program written entirely with Tcl/Tk.

NOTE: JStrack's author (that's me...Jim, N5IAL) has been diagnosed with cancer, and the JStrack site (16Aug06: updating... --jdg) was offline for quite a while. Thanks to The Kendrick Group, JStrack now has a rather large home at will my cancer log pages, (i.e., the updates on how I'm doing, etc., for friends, family, and whoever else may want to read my ramblings), my old pages, and some new stuff (lightning/wx photography, etc.), too.

I said when I first wrote JStrack (even before I announced the idea to a few folks and asked for their opinions) that JStrack would always be free. This has not changed, and it never will. HOWEVER.... Financial considerations at this time (bills I have no way of paying, total lack of income, etc.) require that I at least give people the chance to send donations, if they so desire.

If you would care to donate, see for the PayPal link.

Link: .

Be absolutely sure that you use the PURL as your link, and not the page it points to. The latter is subject to change (well, not likely anymore, but one never knows, thus PURL is (by definition) not.

As of today, 16Aug06, the new and improved JStrack site is in the process of going online at its new home. The PURL has already been redirected, so if you got here via your bookmark for the JStrack site, you need to change your bookmark to use the PURL instead of this page.

For updates on how I'm doing in the struggle against cancer, see (which, as of the moment that I'm writing this, points to the new site which isn't quite online yet, but will, until it is online, point you back to the old site. Why am I doing it this way? I hope to have the site moved today, and prefer to update/create the PURLs all in one shot....

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