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Updated 2010-10-18 02:45:58 by JDG

JStrack is a freeware hurricane tracking program written entirely with Tcl/Tk.

17 October 2010 updates by me (Jim Graham).

NOTE: JStrack's author (that's me...Jim, N5IAL) was diagnosed with cancer back in 2006, and has since kicked caner's backside into another universe. I am still dealing with the long-term side effects, but that's enough about that.

Thanks to The Kendrick Group, JStrack has a rather large home at It is also the home of my brewing pages, including a Tcl/Tk based brewer's recipe formulator called GTbrew2. I've also got a few other Tcl/Tk toys, like as 24-hour analog clock, a Sudoku puzzle script that uses two external C programs to generate Sudoku puzzles at various levels, solve either generated or manually input puzzles, etc.

JStrack is freeware or, if you prefer, donationware. Here's how it works: if you want to use JStrack, you are free to do so. If you really, really feel that you must send money, please send it to the Red Cross/Red Crescent (depending on where you are), the Salvation Army, or basically, some charity-based disaster relief agency.


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