Version 1 of LUCK

Updated 2021-05-15 14:52:46 by chw

Lean Undroidwish Construction Kit

Web based (CGI) script to make a taylored undroidwish, vanillawish or vanillatclsh from binaries which are searched in the same directory as the tclsh or wish executing this script. Additionally, prefabricated configurations are presented. These are searched like the binaries and additionally relative to the parent directory of this script.

In the first step, the user selects a prefabricated or uploaded configuration or a binary. In the second step, a selection of packages derived from the binary's ZIP is presented plus some other options such as ZIP password and output filename. The package selection and other options can be primed by the info from a prefabricated or uploaded configuration. In the last step the user can generate a new binary and configuration with only the selected packages and other options, which is downloaded as a file.