Version 4 of Lotto 2

Updated 2005-06-04 21:09:53

HJG This variation of Lotto by RS writes a log of each drawing to the console, compares the drawing to the tip, and counts the matching numbers.

Todo: * clicking on the numbers should set/reset the numbers in the tip * use a text-widget or listview for the log * Statistics

  proc main {} {
     set dx 15
     set dy 15
   # pack [canvas .c -width [expr {$dx*8}] -height [expr {$dy*9}]]
     pack [canvas .c -width [expr {$dx*8}] -height [expr {$dy*8}] -bg gray77]
     set x $dx; set y $dy
     foreach i [iota1 49] {
       # .c create text $x $y -text $i
         if [lsearch $::MyTip $i]>=0 {
         .c create text $x $y -text $i -fill white
         } else { 
         .c create text $x $y -text $i -fill black
       # puts "$i : $x $y" ;# debug
         if {$i%7} {
             incr x $dx
         } else {set x $dx; incr y $dy}
   # bind .c <1> {draw .c}
     button .b -text "Draw" -command {draw .c}
     pack   .b
     bind .c <1> {click .c}
  proc click w {
    puts "Click: [winfo pointerx $w] [winfo pointery $w]"

    # ?? better way to identify the number unter the cursor ??
    set dx 15
    set dy 15
   #set x [winfo pointerx .]
   #set y [winfo pointery .]
    set x [winfo pointerx $w]
    set y [winfo pointery $w]
    set c [expr {$x / $dx}]
    set r [expr {$y / $dy}]
    set n [expr {($r * 7 ) + $c}]
   #puts "Click: $x $y : $c $r ==> $n"
  proc draw w {
     global DrawNr MyTip
     incr   DrawNr
     $w delete marked
     set numbers [iota1 49]
     foreach i [iota1 6] {
         set n [ldraw numbers]
         lappend lucky $n
        #circle $w [$w bbox [ldraw numbers]] red
         circle $w [$w bbox $n] red
         update idletasks
        #after 500
         after  50
     set lucky [lsort -integer $lucky]

     set n [ldraw numbers]
     lappend lucky $n
     circle $w [$w bbox $n] yellow
    #puts "$n: [$w bbox $n]" ;#debug
     $w lower marked
     puts -nonewline "[ format "%5d: " $DrawNr ]"
     for {set i 0} {$i<=6} {incr i} {
       puts -nonewline "[format [expr {$i==6 ? "- %2d" : "%2d "}] [lindex $lucky $i] ]"
    #puts -nonewline "  Matches: "
      set win 0
      for {set i 0} {$i<=6} {incr i} {
        set z [lindex $lucky $i]
        if [lsearch $::MyTip $z]>=0 {
       # puts -nonewline "[format "%2d " $z]"
         incr win
    #puts "  Win: $win ."
     puts "  Win: [string repeat [string index "_...*!$$$" $win] $win]"
     if $win>3 { bell }
  proc circle {w coords color} {
     $w create oval $coords -fill {} -outline $color -width 2 -tag marked

 #------------------ Generally useful functions:

  proc iota1 n {
     set res {}
     for {set i 1} {$i<=$n} {incr i} {lappend res $i}
     set res
  proc ldraw _list {
     upvar 1 $_list list
     set pos [expr {int(rand()*[llength $list])}]
     K [lindex $list $pos] [set list [lreplace $list $pos $pos]]
  proc K {a b} {set a}


  lappend MyTip  1 8 11 15 47 49  16
  set     DrawNr 0
  catch {console show}
  puts "Lotto"
  puts "MyTip: $MyTip"


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