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My name is Luciano Espirito Santo. I live in Santos, SP, Brazil.

How to contact me:

 % package require base 64
 % ::base64::decode "bWFpbHRvOiBsdWNpYW5vQEJyYXppbGlhblRyYW5zbGF0aW9uLm5ldCAtIFBs

Many people call me Mr. Santo, but Espirito Santo is my family name. It means "the Holy Ghost". And since Tcl is so generous with foreign languages, let's do it right: "Esp�rito" has an accented i.

I am not a programmer like almost everyone in the Tcl'ers wiki; I am a translator, I have this site:

But I like to program in my spare time. I did a lot of PHP in 2001 and 2002 and eventually married Tcl/Tk in 2003. Tcl has become my first choice in all my scripting leisure time.

As a translator, I like to play with words. I also spend a lot of time wrestling with sed. Of course, I love Regular Expressions.

These have been my humble contributions to this wiki so far:

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