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My name is Luciano Espirito Santo. I live in Santos, SP, Brazil.

How to contact me:

 % package require base64
 % ::base64::decode "bWFpbHRvOiBsdWNpYW5vQEJyYXppbGlhblRyYW5zbGF0aW9uLm5ldCAtIFBs

Many people call me Mr. Santo, but Espirito Santo is my family name. It means "the Holy Ghost", but I am not catholic. Actually, I don't subscribe to any religion, except maybe The Tao of Tcl and the Friday Night Holy Pizza Congregation. And since Tcl is so generous with foreign languages/characters, let's do it right: "Espírito" has an accented i.

I am not a programmer like almost everyone in the Tcl'ers wiki; I am a translator, I have this site:

But I like to program in my spare time. I did a lot of PHP in 2001 and 2002 and eventually married Tcl/Tk in 2003. Tcl has become my first choice in all my scripting leisure time.

As a translator, I like to play with words. I also spend a lot of time wrestling with sed. Of course, I love Regular Expressions.

These have been my humble contributions to this wiki so far: KommandEr 2008-01-14 Moved Wiki with style hack to Hack the Wiki Style to Your Liking