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is the short signature of Matthias Kraft. I use this sig here and elsewhere. I also use MatzeK at various occasions, mainly in Yahoo groups and at SourceForge.

I am a Software Engineer Specialist at Company: Software AG in Germany. To install our software on Unix systems a Tcl/Tk based application is used. And I am the one who is still maintaining it. As we are moving away from this installer I mostly have to program Java these days ...

Page Creations

Well, I thought these pages are missing:

Work in Progress

Refactoring of tclunit to separate function and GUI, then adopting it to generate jUnit compatible XML reports.

Raw Ideas

There is an idea I had before looking into that AJAX stuff: It would be nice if one could just exchange the UI by changing the namespace of the used UI toolkit ...

switch -- $ui {
    gui {
        # Graphical UI: Tile
        set uins "::ttk"
        set toplevel ""
    cli {
        # Console UI: a resurrection of ck maybe
        set uins "::ctk"
        set toplevel ""
    web {
        # Web UI: something AJAX driven
        set uins "::wtk"
        set toplevel [getSessionId]

set button [${uins}::button $toplevel.b -text "Choose Me" -command [list choosen]]

I am opting for Tile as it already comes within a namespace. Some things may need to be moved or aliased from Tk still. It also gets its appearance through user defineable styles. Which is common in todays web applications too.

The old ck stuff I accidentally just stumbled over while looking if there is some ncurses binding for Tcl. It mimics Tk more.

All three UI packages would need to implement the same API...


Notes to recollect later

  • got through Category TclX and check interesting functionality on current Unix Systems