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My name is Michael A. Cleverly. My first introduction to Tcl came by reading Philip Greenspun's BOOK Database Backed Web Sites. I feel in love with Tcl almost immediately.

I'm the author of the nstcl package, that reimplements some of the most useful APIs from AOLserver and the OpenACS toolkit. One of the nicest features of AOLserver is its DB-independent Database Interface. nstcl wraps existing Tcl database extensions, such as Oratcl, Sybtcl, Tclodbc, etc. into an AOLserver-style interface.

In August of 2002 I wrote burrow to create a persistent and resilient tunnel between two hosts. I also finally remembered to package up Sandcrab [1 ], a Tk utility I wrote during the 2002 Winter Olympics to scour a website looking for broken links.

In September of 2002 I attended the Tcl/Tk conference in Vancouver.

In October of 2002 I released TclMML.

In November of 2002 I finally got irritated with my browsers apparent 4,096 byte limit on copying & pasting (which makes it hard to copy and paste large chunks of code from the Wiki), so I wrote wiki-reaper (another example of An HTTP robot in Tcl I suppose) to simplify matters.

In January of 2003 I wrote CkChat a ck (curses) implementation of TkChat for the Tcl Chatroom.

In April of 2003 I decided I'd finally take a stab at Learning XOTcl.

In May of 2003 I created a couple of packages to help me create GUI apps (which I have never done much work with) faster.

  1. a new version of tdg (see Using Snit to make Tk DOM Glue)
  2. pdmenus (see Pull down menus in XML)
  3. xml2gui

Some of the pages I've written for the Wiki:

My homepage is at

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