Version 1 of On What Platforms Does Tcl 8.5 Run

Updated 2009-08-22 11:06:02 by LES

Purpose: to discuss on what platforms the specific 8.5 version of Tcl runs, and point to pages that discuss particular issues relating to the various operating systems.

The On What Platforms Does Tcl Run page has become quite old, outdated and cluttered with a messy mix of assorted information that only applies to older versions of Tcl. Some of it is dubious/unverified. Many topics of this wiki are broken into many pages, one for each historical version of Tcl. That system provides for better focus and organization of the data in certain cases.

Tcl 8.5 runs on the following platforms:

  • BSD Unix variations such as FreeBSD , NetBSD , OpenBSD
  • Linux - Most current Linux distributions come with Tcl and Tk as installable packages, and they should compile just fine. Binaries can be found at places like ActiveTcl as well as the various rpm repositories, etc.
  • Microsoft Windows 9.x, ME, NT, XP, Vista (all of them???)
  • Microsoft Window64 - WinXP and Vista 64 bit editions. (can anyone confirm???)
  • Apple's MacOS - Older versions of Tcl and Tk ran on MacOS 7/8/9.x, and the current version runs on MacOS X Apple Macintosh and Tcl/Tk and binaries can be found on and other places
  • Solaris the Sun marketing term for SunOS 5 onwards (based on UNIX System V Release 4 - SVR4) plus add-on applications - Tcl and Tk build fine on both Intel and SPARC Solaris (if you have a compiler like gcc or Sun's unbundled C compiler), and otherwise the binaries can be found at places like ActiveTcl or the Solaris freeware web site.
  • Windows/CE/PocketPC and binaries can be found in ActiveTcl as well as other places. (can anyone confirm???)

Tk 8.5 may not run on some of the above platforms. (Does that warrant a separate page for Tk?)

If you can confirm that Tcl/Tk 8.5 works on any platform not included in this page, please update the info.