Version 1 of Package feature map

Updated 2006-03-23 04:40:58

JE, Mar 2006 From recent conversations on c.l.t, one thing that would make the GUTTER more useful is a sort of "feature map", so that users who are looking for (say) a notebook widget would be able to find pointers to BWidgets, IWidgets, Tix, Tile, and BLT. This page is intended as a collaboratively edited starting point to collect the raw data for such a thing.

Suggested format: just a simple list, one entry per line, containing a feature keyword that people are likely to search for followed by the name of a package that provides that feature. Optionally followed by extra notes describing how the package implements it in cases where that's not obvious.

Here's a few just to get started:


 notebook - bwidget
 notebook - tile
 notebook - tix
 notebook - blt (tabset widget)
 notebook - mkwidgets (tabcontrol widget)
 notebook - iwidgets (tabnotebook widget)
 mime - tcllib (mime module)
 email - tcllib (mime, smtp modules)